3 Marketing Tips You May Have Missed at RJNC 2017


So many sessions, so little time. There's no way to cover all the information-rich ground at the Raymond James National Conference so you have to pick your priorities. For us, that was marketing and we hit a goldmine. From strategy to easy steps, the conference presenters had plenty of expert tips. Just in case you weren't in on these sessions, here are 3 take-aways you can apply to your own marketing strategy.

    1. Pick a Place to Focus

    When consultant Angie Herbers works one-on-one with financial advisors, she is looking for one thing. Patterns. After digging into the nitty gritty of more than 600 firms, she's become on expert on recognizing those patterns. She says once you can spot the things that are holding you back, you have the chance to break the patterns that are barriers to your growth.

    Ready to take your practice to the next level? Angie's come up with 8 areas of focus to choose from including:

    1. Leadership
    2. Corporate Finance
    3. Operations
    4. Client Service
    5. Human Capital
    6. Management
    7. MARKETING!!!
    8. Sales

    Don't try to tackle all areas at once. You'll be like us at Disney World -- trying to get our kids on every ride and ending up sweaty, frustrated, and generally sick of anyone who utters the word "magical." Instead, look at the list, pick 1-2 things and do them over and over. For a year! Angie says don't just try them once or twice and give up. "Just when you think it's not working, it will bloom." 

    2. Make the Time

    "Time is a choice," says Laura Vanderkam, author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think . Turns out 168 is the number of hours in a week (in case you didn't do the math in your head).

    Don't have time to meet your marketing goals? Then you're not making it a priority. And we all know marketing should be among your business priorities. So here's what Laura suggests for squeezing in the time:

    1. Mind your hours: Start by tracking your time for a week and watch how you're spending it. Then identify what you want to be doing less of and find a way to shift those responsibilities. Voila! Now you've made room for marketing.
    2. Look forward: Write a letter to yourself pretending it's the future. Let's say January 1st of 2018. Imagine all you've accomplished to reach your goals then detail what you did and how you did it. Now you have a roadmap.
    3. First thing's first: If you don't have enough time it really means it's not a priority for you. When you make it a priority, Laura explains, "Time will stretch to accommodate what we put into it."

    Feeling a little time-strapped ourselves, we know we can't cram all of her ideas in here. But make it a priority in your next 168 hours to watch her Ted Talk on gaining control of the clock:

    3. Start with Something Small

    Taking a step forward in your marketing plan can seem overwhelming. Trust us, we know! But you can start with a small step. In financial planning, your greatest asset is yourself. One place to really sell yourself is on LinkedIn. Wether or not you use the social media platform to mine for leads, your potential clients WILL use it to check you out. If you caught the digital branding 101 session you might have seen some of these stats about young HNW investors:

    • 41% of under-40 high net worth investors cite social as important for accessing information
    • 36% of them cite social as important for engaging with wealth managers

    So why not leverage LinkedIn to reach those prospects? Pat Woelfel's session on tricks and tips for using LinkedIn included a strong recommendation that you rewrite your profile summary. Because that's what people read. End of story.

    Here are some of Pat's suggestions when you go to revamp (or dare I say make a first draft) of your LinkedIn profile summary:

    1. Write in the first person (meaning use "you" not "they")
    2. Make 3 points
    3. End with a clear call to action
    4. Put yourself in a potential client's shoes and tell them what they care about
    5. If you're stumped, ask current clients why they care about you and incorporate what they tell you into the summary
    6. Be personable so people want to do business with you!

    From finding your focus and sticking to it, making the time to get it done, and starting with something simple -- you now have 3 new expert tips. Even if you only snag one, you'll be moving down the marketing path. And we say that's a step in the right direction!