3 Secrets to Content Distribution

Great content is not enough. Creating the most engaging, entertaining, shareable stuff for your blog only gets you so far. Like the proverbial tree falling in the woods, if your fabulous content goes live and nobody sees it, did it even happen? Not in terms of Return on Investment.

Content Distribution & Discovery

Sitting around waiting to go viral is not your best plan of attack because each and engagement don’t happen magically. Instead, you need to consider the 3 distributions channels to help you get the word out.

Owned Channels: Your own website/blog and your social media platforms

Earned Channels: Media coverage or guest blog posting

Paid Channels: Facebook, AdWords, etc.

Ultimately, you’ll want to create a plan of attack on all the 3 fronts. You may find that you are using different channels to share the same content. There’s definitely some overlap, as you’ll see in the tips below.

Inside Tips from Content Marketers

1. Reach out and engagewith relevant outlets and influencers in your industry, recommends Ben Harper, co-founder of Datify. Because even if you create the best content ever, you still have to attract attention.

“Create epic content that attracts the attention and interest of external outlets. But unless you are very lucky (or work for a major, household-name brand), chances are those outlets will not find your content without some effort on your part.”The Content Marketing Institute

Start by reaching out to influencers and engaging them. When you find an effective influencer, invite them to guest blog for you. By building a network with bloggers and media outlets focused on your industry, you are one step closer to a distribution strategy.

2. Try baking distribution right into your content suggests Luke Kintigh, a content strategist for Intel.

“As the former iQ managing editor, I practiced what I deemed the 3% rule. It simply meant that I would think of the 100 people that I really wanted to read my post and try to incorporate at least 3 of those types of people into the content itself.”ContentMarketeer.com

Once you’ve included these influencers in your content, your job is not done. You need to make sure they see it, so send them a thank you and the post. Also, ask them to give you a link on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

3. Use technology to make your life easier advises Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow.

“It isn’t really practical to manually keep track of the number of followers to your social properties in real-time, or to identify what types of content are creating engagement.” Chief Marketer

There are plenty of tools out there to explore. Hootsuite, SproutSocial or Tweetdeck can help you manage posts. Or investigate any of the other seemingly endless software options that can save you valuable time. Get all tech-ified and take the guess work out of identifying the best times to publish and which content is getting the most clicks.

When you focus on fantastic content and the right audience, you are making sure someone is in the woods before you start chopping down the tree. Use these tips to sharpen your axe and get ready to yell, "TIMBER!"