3 Ways to Use Video to Sell More Wine

It’s the era of Instagram & Snapchat. Our conversations happen in short rapid fire bursts. YouTube, Vimeo, and Vine give you access into any once-hidden corner of life. In short, things have changed and your approach to content marketing needs to keep up.

These days it is critical to have video in your content marketing mix. According to BrightCove, having video on your website leads to 157% more web traffic and 105% more time on site. By video, we’re talking sharable digital information that entertains or informs your target audience. Think your business doesn't need video? In a study by Vidyard, over one-third of large companies produce more than 100 marketing videos annually while the average company churned out 27 videos per year. Do you have fresh video content to share every other week? Our infographic is full of more reasons to convince you (or help you convince your boss) that it’s time to get serious about video.

Getting Started with Video

Once you decide to use video, you need to set a strategy. Are you using it to attract more visitors to your tasting room or sell more bottles D2C? Audience matters when you’re creating video content. Here are 3 places to start:

1. Tasting Room Experience

Do you want more people walking through the door of your tasting room? For many, that journey starts before they ever leave the comfort of their own homes. Choosing a winery to visit can have a lot to do with online presence. Your reputation or your well-placed sign along the road may draw them in, but the allure of a website is undeniable.

When you get visitors to your homepage, nothing is as engaging as high-quality video content ready and waiting. With video, you can tell viewers exactly what you want them to hear and show them just what you want them to see.

DIY: At the bare minimum, do some 360-degree pictures of your tasting room. This will give a potential visitor a sense of your space. J Wrigley is an off-the-beaten path winery in the McMinnville AVA that attracts tasters and wedding parties with a 360-view. 

Get Help: Hire a production crew for a more polished and personalized video of your tasting room. Napa’s Etude Winery video not only shows you around the tasting room, but leaves an impression of the brand:

Etude Wines Napa tasting room is at 1250 Cuttings Wharf Road in Carneros.

2. Wine Club Community

A major trend in consumer buying is the sense of “experience.” What is it like to be part of our wine club? Is it more than a discount on bottles a few times a year? The best marketing involves creating a sense of community among the members.  

Strengthen the connection you’ve already made with your club members. They already like your brand. And according to the Beverage Trade Network, the better you are at creating content for your club, the more wine you’ll sell.

As the amount of quality content you start adding increases, you’ll find that your wine club sign-ups increase as well as an increased confidence in your brand.

So how can you use video to help transform your club into a community?

DIY: Try using your phone to shoot your next wine club pickup party or member event. We shot this video for Oak Knoll Winery at a summer concert event … entirely on an iPhone:

Winery event shot on iPhone and edited on iMovie.

Seem daunting? There is plenty of user-friendly editing software that can help you transform your video clips into a movie, add music, and make you look professional. Here’s our iMovie tutorial if you want to tackle it yourself:

Easy tutorial on using iMovie to DIY video content for your website

Get Help: Bring a video production crew in for your next wine club event. Feature that video on your website with the sign-up for your club. Let people know all they’re missing out on if they don’t enroll. Or embed a video in the next email you send to your members. Here Sonoma’s DeLoach Vineyards walks club members through all the wine they’re getting in their club shipment:

DeLoach Vineyards | Fleur de Lys Wine Club Shipment Tasting Notes with Assistant Winemaker Katie Carter.

3. DTC Connection

If you’re trying to increase direct-to-consumer sales through your website (who isn’t?) start by giving your virtual visitors a story. People want to get to know the faces behind the winery, to look around your vineyard, and to understand your brand. Get them engaged with compelling content and you’re more likely to get them to buy your wine.

Today 70% of the buyer journey takes place before the first sales call. In wine terms that means a lot of purchase decisions are being made on a screen. Video can help close the deal. Even when it comes to distribution, clients tell us they want distributors to better understand their brand. There’s no better way to do that than with video.

DIY: Sweeping aerials can showcase the prettiest parts of your winery. Do you have a drone or know someone who does? Ernest Vineyards in Sonoma gives online visitors a bird’s-eye view:



Get Help: Going far beyond a paragraph summary of a wine, we helped create video tasting notes for Oak Knoll Winery. Bringing in visuals of the flavors in the wine appeals to even more of the viewer’s sense.


Short video explains the nuances of the 2013 Pinot Gris from Oak Knoll Winery.

Consider Video Content

As you begin to narrow down what type of content best suits your winery’s needs, here are a few things to keep in mind. The most effective content does one of 2 things, it educates or it entertains. According to exploreB2B, those are the 2 reasons people share a video—or any great content—on social media:

“They want to be able to utilize the content they are exposed to on their social and professional networks, both for pleasure and productivity.”

If you look at YouTube’s most popular channels, they have one thing in common, says Business 2 Community, they help solve people’s problems. If you choose the “How-To” angle, find a problem your audience faces and solve it for them. Maybe the problem is that it is hard to buy wine you’ve never tried online because you don’t know what it tastes like. Your solution could be tasting note videos with your winemaker that give your online shoppers a visual and personal experience.

Content Cannot Promote Itself

Finally, as you start producing videos (DIY or with help), you want to make sure your target market sees them! Find the best place to post them (likely your website) and video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine. Then find ways to make your investment in video count by pushing the content out to social channels to help you reach a broader audience. Consider a dedicated email to share the video because, according to a report from Ascend2, 25% of respondents found email to be the most effective way to reach viewers, topping both YouTube and a company website. 

Heidi Cohen for Wine Industry Insight predicts that:

2015 is on track to be the breakout year for video content marketing.

Get rolling by creating memorable content and pushing it out to social channels. Spending time on your video content strategy can help you reach a broader audience, generate more buzz, and grow your reach.