Why Video Beats a Slide Deck. Every. Time.

When you stand up in front of a crowd to present -- whether to a handful of people cozied up to the conference table or to a few thousand perched in the audience of a massive auditorium -- you are on the spot. If you haven't factored in how to keep people riveted to the message you're delivering, you're not trying very hard. At Idea Decanter, we may not be experts in public speaking, but we have yawned through enough boring presentations to appreciate the good ones. So what does it take to get your captive audience engaged?

Sandra Lee, director of Woodinville Wine Country (100+ tasting rooms just 30 minutes outside of Seattle!) suggests video. “I think that people tune out if you talk to them for too long," Sandra explains. Sure, you need to find a way to deliver information, but people are visual. (We know!)

"Video makes people look more professional and it elevates the message. PowerPoints are actually old-fashioned now." Sandra says we've come to expect motion. "Even at my church they have things popping on the screen. It’s just a digital world."

So, when it was time for Sandra to present her annual report, instead of warming up her PowerPoint, she worked with us to produce this video:

What to Put in Your Video

If you're ready to make yourself look good at your next presentation, here are a few starter tips:

  1. Share metrics with dynamic graphics. It's one thing to read "10,000 Facebook fans" in text. It's another to have that factoid delivered in a dynamic, graphic way.
  2. Include interviews if you can. You can say a lot, but there might be someone else who can say it better or give a different perspective. Make sure you don't let them hijack the show. You're going to want to take the credit for this one.
  3. Add some inspirational music. Consider what a movie trailer would be like without the cinematic music track. Pretty boring. By throwing in music, you can immediately access a deeper level of emotion in your audience. Go ahead, pull on their heartstrings. They'll love you for it!

The pay-off for you could be a captivated audience, a proud boss, or a motivated team. For Sandra, the Woodinville Wine Country annual report video got her a round of applause:

"It gave them a good feeling, ultimately that’s all it takes to engage. It made them feel good about where we are and where we are going."

So the next time you get tapped to create a presentation, think twice before double clicking on your PowerPoint icon. Need help getting started? We have a few ideas.