Add Personality to your Website with Background Video

In today’s world your website is your business card.  Thanks to Google, being searchable makes you legitimate.  So, in a sea of websites, to make your's stand out, show some personality (and give yourself an edge over your competition). When web visitors land on your homepage, instead of getting still images and text, imagine them being greeted by action. A looped reel of video sets a much more dynamic scene than anything static. 

We’ve been busy creating background videos for clients this year and have our own in the works. From experience, we have a few tips for those of you considering what to add.


#1 Make it personal

In a sea of bulk shared content, being authentic is the key to having your clients or customers trust you.  A background video gives you a way to connect beyond choosing the right font or color palate or crafting just the right copy.


We worked with The Meakem Group to create this warm, personable video showcasing financial advisor Traci Richmond and her team.  Our #1 direction was to bring Traci’s personality and philosophy forward. And yes, you should expect a hug if you are Traci’s client.


#2 Show your process  

Everyone is curious about the behind-the-scenes process of your particular genius.  We’re not giving away any trade secrets in this video for Flux Resources, but when you’re looking for the right recruiting firm, isn’t it nice to see a bit of how they work? This background video on their homepage let's you get a feel for the office with just the right mix of personality, too.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 9.35.14 AM.png

#3 Highlight your speciality 

You gotta walk the walk if you talk the talk.  We didn’t create this video but it’s on our inspiration board. Our friend (and Sharon’s past client)  Jill Sandin of JS2 PR really showcases her PR firm's focus in this background video.  If you can’t tell what JS2 PR specialize in, we're not spilling the beans. Watch and see:

There is one caveat: Background videos don't work on mobile. So your phone and tablet web visitors will still see a still image. But anyone viewing from a computer is in for a treat!