Answering Patient Questions + Increasing Blog Traffic

In health care, getting the right people to see your blog may seem like some tricky formula that you never learned in math and can't seem to solve. But there's no magic in crafting relevant content. The answer is right in front of you: Your patients. If you want them reading your blog, create blogs they want to read. Seems so obvious, right? Here's how you do it ...


Use your blog to answer patients' questions

You're probably thinking, "Getting my blog read can't be that easy." But answering questions really works. This is exactly the approach our client Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) is taking with blog content. One of the first (and most enduringly popular) blogs CDI released was How to Get Through an MRI if You're Claustrophobic. On average 10,000 people a month come to the CDI blog to read this story. Three years after it was published. What's the lasting power of the blog? It answers a question for patients.



step 1: identifying the right questions

The key is understanding what your patients care about and are worried about because that is what makes them search. You don't go online to do research if you don't have any questions. Use that mindset to step into the shoes of your patients.

If you're sitting at a computer in the marketing department,  you are a few steps removed from that knowledge. To identify the best questions you can answer, you need to get closer to the front lines of patient care. To do that you may need to interview your team members who have direct patient contact or ask the patients themselves. Start compiling a list of "most asked questions" and use it to lay out your content strategy.

Trying to get your blog started? Here are some tips.

The concept of the, "What It's Like ..." video puts the patient front and center. If you've never had a procedure you are likely wondering what it's like. This video provides the answer.


step 2: finding the right answers

Once you have your questions, the obvious next step is finding the answers. This is a great opportunity to look internally for experts. By featuring your own team members on the blog, you're giving them visibility and adding to their digital credibility. 

Don't be afraid to tap outside experts too. Some of the best answers may come from outside your organization. Ask local experts in the field to be interviewed and featured in the blog or to even guest blog for you. Those outside experts will benefit from the publicity of your blog -- especially if you give them a link back to their website and shout-outs on social platforms. And by doing the legwork to find the answers and then delivering them to your readers, you will benefit from increased traffic.

Need C-suite buy-in for your blog? Here's some ammunition.

This video takes a medical procedure and explains how it works. Patients considering a Platelet Rich Plasma Injection can watch it and learn more before ever meeting with the doctor.