Behind the Scenes: The Father's Day Cork Tie


Wines aren't marketed much to men. Why? Maybe because women make most of the food buying decisions? Anyway, it got us brainstorming. How would you market wine to men? Goodness knows on Pinterest, a highly estrogen-infused media site, you can find millions of pins about wine: Why women love it so much … How it gets them through the crazy times. Wine is as much a part of the female vernacular as shoes were on “Sex in the City”.

But for men, it's all beer and whiskey.

In light of the success of our Mother’s Day video, we felt we needed to create a video for the wine-loving dads out there for Father’s Day.

And what is the most cliché dad gift of all time? A tie.


So, we went to the drawing board and designed a couple of cork tie ideas. The first design was so complicated we never got past the first 3 inches. #pinterestfail in the making.


The second was so impractical and ugly and not in a good way.

Although easy to construct it, there was a bit of blood involved with the large needle blindly piercing the cork. In hindsight, a longer drill bit would have been safer and easier.

For the keeper, we went simple.  In this craft-crazed Pinterest world almost everyone has access to a glue gun and a quick trip to the thrift store you can score a tie for under $5. Please note: The price of creating this tie will vary greatly depending on the quality of the wine you are drinking.

We found cutting the corks using a vise and small coping saw worked great.  The drier the cork, the easier it was to cut, and using a fine tooth blade made cleaner cuts.

Finally, pour yourself a glass of wine, heat up the glue gun, and have fun. And if you try it, we want to see a picture! Post it on our Facebook page or twitter and hashtag #corktie