Bio Video: How Financial Advisors Can Make a Virtual Connection

Typos, poor grammar, and a bad profile picture can be credibility landmines when someone is checking you out online. But simply avoiding those missteps isn't enough these days. You need clear and concise copy, good design, an easy-to-navigate website, and it never hurts to have a secret weapon. Our secret weapon is the Bio Video. A Bio Video is a short-format story about you. It gives people a chance to feel like they've met you when they've only clicked play. There are (at least) 4 compelling reasons to consider this secret weapon:

1. Better your bio page

If you pay any attention to your website's metrics, you've probably noticed that your "team" or "bio" pages get a good bit of traction. Often one of the first stops a web visitor makes after your homepage is to check out who you are. Your bio is important, so use it to differentiate yourself from your competition.

2. Share your real voice

When you're sitting down to craft your story, it can be hard to sound genuine and unscripted as you're typing. That's the beauty of our approach to Bio Videos (here's the secret to what makes a bio work). So instead of making an impression by writing a stiff paragraph and posting a posed picture, with a Bio Video you get a  genuine way to share your personality with your prospects.

3. Make a multi-sensory connection

Is it easier to do a deal through email, over the phone, or face-to-face? The value of human interaction is a no-brainer. But you can't get real life via your website. So the next best thing is to approximate real life by making your website a multi-sensory experience. After studying multi-sensory learning, UCLA & UC Riverside researchers report:

The human brain has evolved to develop, learn and operate optimally in multisensory environments.

Why not make your bio page as multi-sensory as possible? Use your Bio Video to show and tell the real you.

4. Get more mileage

There's no end to the places you could post your Bio Video or the ways you could put it to work in your marketing strategy. In addition to the obvious -- your bio page -- why not use it as an intro at your next speaking engagement? You could embed it in emails to prospective clients. Try making it a part of your profile on your favorite social platforms.


Wondering what your Bio Video would look like? You are the author of your own story, so that's really up to you. But here are 3 case studies that might get your wheels spinning:

get Personal: Carl KunhardT case study

Carl Kunhardt didn't set out to be a financial advisor. He spent a career in the the military. The story he shares about that chapter of his life and the skills he took from the Marine Corps into his client relationships are what make Carl's story so interesting. When you think about sharing your own story, getting personal may seem scary. If you're hesitant, stop and think about all you are asking your clients to share! The most memorable Bio Videos are those that get personal. 


Specialize: Sandy Adams case study

It is much easier to connect with your target audience if you've taken the time to identify who that is. For Sandy Adams, who happens to have a degree in gerontology in addition to being a financial advisor, her natural target market is America's greying population. She's become an expert in the field of the challenges that come with aging and she uses that knowledge to educate her clients (and sometimes the children of her elderly clients). Sandy's story was easy to tell because she's done the heavy lifting of finding her target market. When you identify your's, you can use your Bio Video to demonstrate how you understand their needs and can answer their questions.


Be real: Chandler Ferguson case study

No one wants to trust their deepest financial secrets and the management of their most valuable assets to someone they don't trust. A Bio Video can go a long way in building that important component in your client relationships. Chandler Ferguson is a pretty laid back guy and we wanted him to come off as approachable in his Bio Video as he is in real life. That's why we convinced Chandler, who ran his share of road races before his life got really busy with kids, to lace on his running shoes for his story. As you watch, consider what makes it memorable and what makes you feel like you connect. 

Set goals and measure

As you start to dig into the possibilities of using video to connect with future clients, also make sure you're thinking about measurement. It's easy to get lost in the process of producing a video and then feel like it's over when the final draft is approved and the video gets posted. If you don't want to lose site of ROI, spend time up front setting some goals and determining how you'll measure the success of your Bio Video. Consider both quantitative data (like metrics from YouTube views) and qualitative data (like feedback from clients). Set a reminder to go back and collect and record the numbers at designated intervals over the next year. That way you can size up your investment and really see how your Bio Video worked for you.