Blooper Reels: Video Marketing with Humor

Would you consider sharing your outtakes with clients? When our cameras are rolling, the whole point is to make you look good. But we usually end up with a whole lot of footage where you don't. It's common to leave all those bloopers on the virtual cutting room floor, though we have a different suggestion. Share them!

Nate LeGrand, CFP® and President & CEO of CenterPoint Financial Group in Omaha, NE didn't hesitate to share his fumbles with the world. In fact, he wanted to use the Blooper reel as an announcement of his new video marketing strategy. 

Months later, as we gathered metrics on his campaign performance, the Blooper reel came out on top. In some cases, reaching 3X as many viewers as some of the their more serious topics.

Best of all, it made Nate's team seem real. And isn't that the whole point when it comes to connecting with your clients? 

"Our blooper reel was far better received than I ever anticipated. We got tremendous feedback from clients, prospects and social media friends. The blooper reel shows the human, fun side of our team that I believe people could relate to. Highly recommended." -Nate LeGrand CFP®, CenterPoint Financial Group

When Andrea Schlapia of Ironstone decided to create a series of client testimonial videos (with our help), we had no idea how silly her shoot would get. From dancing to light saber battles, the outtakes piled up.

As a special thanks to the Ironstone clients who participated, Andrea sent them a sneak peek of her Blooper reel before making it public for the rest of the world to see. 

Andrea's clients loved it. "As soon as I saw the draft," Andrea says, "I knew I wanted to get it out there. Me messing up was hilarious! And it’s the video my clients still talk about … more than a year later.”

The best part about a Blooper reel is that it takes zero planning. Don't worry about how it's going to turn out, just be yourself, have fun on your shoot, and let your editors do the rest!

Want to see some of our favorite outtakes from client shoots (and a few of our own stumbles)? Watch it here!