Case Study- The Vintage Plate Company

Sydney, from The Vintage Plate Company, felt that her website and brand imagery didn't speak to the hip brides she wanted as her customers.  Her original design was mostly brown and burgundy ... going for a sepia, vintage feel with a simple font that she picked out from her printers catalog.  Nothing about it really helped her stand out and the look had nothing to do with her business or brand. The Vintage Plate Company creates mismatched place settings for weddings, receptions, parties and luncheons, using the eclectic, vintage dish ware that Sydney collected over the years.  Her clients are mostly women in their 20's and 30's.

We helped her define the ultimate Vintage Plate Company client:  She's southern, eclectic, wears boho scarves and likes to be original and is definitely on Pinterest designing her wedding. For that market, vintage needed to look like a bit country but infused with quality and style.  Think: drinking Pinot out of a Mason Jar.

We picked out new colors to incorporate throughout her brand ... Ecru linen and a Tiffany blue ... letting the fresh fun colors of her vintage china shine through.


And then the fun (for us) began with a promotional video and brand new photography for the site. Using a reclaimed table to showcase her pieces, we blended rustic charm with a modern design sense.  The music had to have a retro sound and a charming love sentiment to appeal to her main demographic.