Cat videos: The future is here!

Here at Idea Decanter we truly believe in the power of video to educate, inform and inspire.  But in the bottom of our hearts, we all secretly want that stratospheric view count. Face it, we want to go viral!!!  So 2017 has been dedicated to cracking the code. We've done tons of research and after going through all the data, one statistic ruled supreme in the quest for viralness. 

Cat Videos

Yes Cat videos are the secret weapon for going viral.

Many of you know us for our work in the health and wealth industries, but we feel all of our clients can benefit from the feline bump.


Ruby gets her first MRI

Ruby gets her first MRI

For our clients in the health sector:

Petting cats is known to relieve anxiety and stress, what a great opportunity to show how caring for cats helps patients recover faster from their procedures! And many stories can be built around dealing with allergies. What are your patients ready to do in order to live with their pets? 


For our clients in the wealth sector:  

Sapphire helps with next years projections.

Sapphire helps with next years projections.

Kittens add a sense of playfulness and extreme cuteness that will offset any downturn in the market.  Just having them in the background of any video will help your audience feel "warm and fuzzy". Cats are also excellent at staring at blank walls for long periods of time. You can capitalize on this trait by adding in some text and graphics to make videos that explain complicated financial projections.



No matter what industry you're, in when you think video, think cats. And when you think cat videos think Idea Decanter.

Meet Libby our inaugural Cat Video project with the Seattle Area Feline Rescue -- oh, and happy April Fools' Day!