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Tears of Joy from a Teaching Tool

Tell someone to get onto Client Access and start using it and they might look at you like you’re suggesting they take the next SpaceX ride. There’s a reason for their fear. Navigating an unfamiliar website can feel a little like you’ve landed on a new planet. Careful, don’t touch that! It might explode! Of course, there’s no button inside Client Access you can accidentally click that is going to undo all the financial planning work you’ve done together.

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Step-by-Step: How to Share Video via Email

How often do you click on a video in email? Research suggests simply putting the word "Video" in your subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. But without some fancy compression it's hard to send an actual video in an email. You're either a.) going to get a bounce back that the email was too large to send or b.) you're going to seriously clog up your recipient's inbox.

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Hair + Makeup: Should I Hire a Pro or DIY?

You probably couldn't begin to count the number of hours you've spent in your life in front of the bathroom mirror. If anyone knows the contours of your face or the cowlicks in your hair, it's you. But just because you've put on your own makeup and styled your own hair, doesn't make you an expert. We get asked all the time ...

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4th Tip for Better iPhone Videos

Ever forget something? We did! When we made our video sharing 3 tips for better iPhone video we forgot one tip. Maybe the easiest and most fundamental key to using your phone to shoot shareable video. It is so simple and it only involves one turn of your wrist.

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