Get Your Video Out of the Comfort Zone: A CrossFit Story

When it comes to marketing your business, it's easy to hover in your comfort zone. But there are (at least) three compelling reasons to stretch beyond the comfortable, into uncharted territory when it comes to how you tell stories. Our friends at Center for Diagnostic Imaging were eager to give this concept a try with CrossFit. You see, in the imaging business, the CrossFit craze has created a new crop of patients. CDI reached out to a popular CrossFit gym in St. Paul, MN and asked for help with a story. Here's how it worked for them -- and could work for you too:

1. Build your Network

Both businesses benefited from creating an informative video. More people became aware of the gym that knows how to CrossFit safely and more people learned about where to go if you get hurt for the best quality care. The content created awareness of both brands. Plus, when someone gets hurt at the gym and needs imaging, CDI is probably going to be top of mind. And this is a busy gym!

2. Expand Your Reach

Not only can CDI push out the story on YouTube, the blog, and all of their social channels, the gym can too. See how you're gaining traction by bringing in outside voices?

3. Keep it Interesting

If you have a long-term video content strategy, it's nice for your audience if you stray beyond the expected. CDI is creating more than 30 videos this year to educate and inform their current and future patients. This CrossFit story looks a lot different than the typical clinical setting where many of those stories are told.

Is it worth it to get outside of your comfort zone with your video marketing strategy? Watch this video and decide for yourself: