Could Video be your Secret Hiring Weapon?

It started with a search -- as so many things do these days. Lauren Adams was looking to make a career move and wanted to find out more about Center For Financial Planning, a wealth management firm in Southfield, MI. Would it be a good fit? Would she like the culture? What she saw on the website helped seal the deal. The Center had video. Not just one, but a bunch. "It seems silly," Lauren says, "But the quirky endings really hooked me. Instead of just talking heads, the videos compared financial planning to making spaghetti sauce or achieving goals like scoring baskets were fun and powerful ways to visualize the planners’ ideas."

Meet Melissa Joy, CFP®, a Partner and Director of Wealth Management at Center for Financial Planning.

Besides being impressed that a relatively small company (20-something on the team) would have so many videos, Lauren said it was a great way for her to get to know the company in her job vetting process. Now The Center's Director of Client Services, it seems safe to say that Lauren liked what she saw:

"Video helps attract new talent that feels drawn to the company’s culture in a way that a black and white job posting on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder just can’t."


What Can Your Team Do?

Trying to attract the best and the brightest like Lauren? Andrea Schlapia, a consultant, coach and CEO of Ironstone, says those "right people" have to share your core values and align with the strategic direction of your business. One easy way for the job hunter to get a sense of the fit is online.

"The question I always ask a business owner/company/firm/team – Does your online image represent how you would show up to a client meeting?  Whether it is your website or any social media channel is it 'dressed professionally' in the same way you would dress yourself for an important meeting?" 

Andrea says too often when she asks those questions, her clients give her a look of distress. But it doesn't need to stress you out. Revamping your online presence to include video is a quick fix. Video is a great way to make a personal connection and share your story. With the right video team behind you, it's easy to make a good impression on job seekers.


How Can You Hook the Right People?

CareerBuilder reports that 75% of employees are currently on the job hunt. Right now. On their computers. Sure, things like compensation, benefits, and opportunity for advancement are on the list. But finding a great place to work is pretty important for anyone who wants to end the revolving door of job changes. To grab that talent, reach them right through their screen with a well-crafted story. Becoming one of those "employers of choice" as Andrea calls them, means you've created a place to work for employees where they can be part of something bigger than themselves. When you've done that, use video to showcase it. 

Sound challenging? Here are a few tips for pulling it all together:

  1. Be real. If you try to fake your culture in your video, you might get more job seekers in for an interview, but you can only fool them for so long.
  2. Be brief. Nobody's watching a 20-minute video about your company. It comes off as self-indulgent. And who has that much time?
  3. Be inclusive. This doesn't have to be a C-suite showcase. Some of the best people to share your story are the newer hires who have fresh perspective. 
  4. Be memorable. If you're blah, blah, blahing about your greatness, the mouses will be clicking the pause button in the blink of an eye. Dig into your creativity and don't be afraid to get personal -- because that's what will make the "right" job seeker remember you.

At Idea Decanter, we're no HR experts, but we do know a lot about helping you tell your authentic story. Think it could work for your company? Look at all the new hires The Center has made in the past 3 years since the company began their push to produce video content:

Meet our newest employees! Whether they've been here for two years or two months, they've got something to say!