7 Most Common Questions we get about Video Marketing

Thinking you need to do some video marketing is one thing. Getting it done can be another. You might have already started your list of topics -- in an organized spreadsheet or just scribbling them down on random scraps of paper (you are not alone). When you're ready to translate those great ideas to a real plan, you need to know how to do it. We're constantly explaining to clients that video marketing doesn't have to be daunting, but until you understand the process, it can sure feel that way. To help you wrap your arms around your first video project, here are our answers to questions that seem to crop up pretty frequently:

Q: Do I have to write a script?

A: We create the scripts ... if we go the pre-scripted route. Roughly 90% of the videos we create are "narrative" which means we work with you on messaging in advance but the actual shoot is an interview as opposed to a regurgitation of a script or a struggle with a teleprompter. Sometimes a script is necessary for a concept, but that's pretty rare. In general, we work with clients from idea through production and post production. For some, we even act as the ongoing marketing arm of their firm to execute the communication strategy through digital email campaigns and social platform posts.

Q: How do we get it through compliance?

A: Compliance rarely surprises us. Their job is to make sure we are following the rules. And since we've done this so often, for so many years, we know the rules inside and out. Many people assume that videos have to be pre-scripted and get prior script approval before they are shot. We work that way 10% of the time. We are always prepared to make any edits that compliance requests, but those are rarely needed even though we don't have a pre-approved script. A typical video edit for us is to add specific language to the disclaimer at the end. We rarely need to make significant story changes, because we know what you can and can't say ... and so do you. We're not going to include non-compliant claims or images in your video (no matter how much those bored compliance officers wish we would just to make their lives interesting).

Q: What is the process?

A: Glad you asked! We have this handy visual for just these situations!

16 Step Process.jpg

Q: How much time does it take from idea to final product?

From our first contact with a firm, it takes roughly 3 months. We spend about a month planning and then do the shoot where we typically produce multiple videos over the course of a few days. Expect to get a first draft of your highest priority video about 4 weeks after that the shoot. We plan a few weeks for you to review and for us to do the re-edits. And we need to account for time for the video to go through compliance approval. If we’re shooting 5 videos, we work with you to prioritize the first and then stagger delivery so your drafts aren't piling up all at once. We create a calendar just for you so you'll know when to expect each draft and final video. We do have clients who need a project right away. We can accommodate, but you’ll pay rush charges to skip our other clients to the front of our queue.

Q: How long should my videos be?

A: Length depends on project. Our standard answer is 2 minutes, but there are cases when a 60-second video works best and situations where your audience will hang in for 5 minutes. Luckily the internet isn’t like TV so we’re not limited to a time slot, just limited by your viewers’ attention spans!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Pricing is customized for the project. What we do is so different for each client that we don’t have a standardized price sheet. Once we have a discovery call, we put together a proposal for you with numbers (step #2).

Q: How should I use the videOs?

A: From the beginning, we talk to clients about how you will be using each video. There’s no point creating one without a plan for putting it to use. You’d be throwing your money away otherwise! Our favorite thing is to find ways for your videos to become utility players in your marketing strategy. So, rather than using them only once, they can be rolled out in multiple ways.

Have more questions? We can help with the answers. Reach out to laura@ideadecanter.com and get the info you need to decide if video is a good fit for your marketing strategy.