GoPro takes you from Vine to Wine

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a grape? Not just any old California raisin kind of grape. An Oregon pinot noir grape ripened to perfection from an especially warm, dry summer. Well we did. Maybe it is our love of wine or maybe it is our curiosity stoked by a camera you can take pretty much anywhere. Some production teams have dropped tiny and nearly indestructible GoPro cameras from airplanes, strapped them to a surfer's head, and mounted them on the front of motorcycles. For some really cool footage, check out the #iwillgopro competition winners.

While turning grapes into wine isn't as extreme as  mountain climbing or diving with whales, there is a pretty vicious distemper and a really rad shot of the punch down process. Yes, our GoPro got a little sticky but it was all for a good cause!

Special thanks to the talented David Griggs for providing the sound track and to our friends at Oak Knoll Winery and Dion Vineyards for giving us free rein to tuck our GoPro camera almost anywhere we liked. After making this video, we'll never look at a glass of wine the same.