Recruiting Tips: Using Video Marketing to Attract New Hires

Isa Elder was ready for her next career opportunity. She lived in North Carolina and her aging dad was across the country in California. If she could find a good career move that moved her closer to him, it would be perfect. When a job at Landmark Health crossed her radar, she did what most job applicants will do ... she checked them out online. What Isa found were videos. She watched one that showed the struggle of a woman in Colorado trying to care of her 92-year old aunt in the Bronx. Isa saw her own story in that 1,800-mile divide and it moved her to tears (watch it here). "The video was very impactful," says Isa, who decided to apply for the job. "I connected with it immediately and I knew at that moment, I wanted to work for Landmark. I wanted to be a part of what was happening there." Now an office operations manager, she says she looks for people with the same sense of purpose to hire.

Our company is growing and we are very focused on recruiting. We already understood the power of using video when communicating with patients. Now we’re using it as a tool to attract people who connect emotionally to our company’s purpose.
— Jessica Diaz, Sr. Director of Brand & Marketing

If you've already added video marketing to your toolkit for communicating with patients, you have another opportunity to tell your story to potential hires. 

When you're building your strategy to attract top talent to your company, you have a lot to consider. Start by asking questions like:

  • What stories do we have to tell?
  • How can we communicate the core values of our company?
  • Who is the best person to tell that story?
  • What can we do to make the story memorable and interesting? 

You could always have the head of the company or the top brass from HR giving their spiel on camera, but when you flip the story and focus on your people, the results can be inspiring. The Human Resources team at Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI) had that very idea.

We hire a lot of technologists across the country and when we decided to use video to recruit more, it made the most sense to feature a technologist who already works with our team. Christine is an awesome example of the qualities we look for when recruiting and hiring techs.
— Zack Osgood, CDI Talent Acquisition Manager

What makes Christine's story work is that she doesn't sound scripted because it wasn't. This is one employee giving her personal opinion on the benefits of her company. She wasn't told what to say and the results were original and authentic.

When it comes to creating content, you can start with a story for your patients and create a recruiting story along the way.

If you really dig into it, people are coming to you for care for the same reasons they are coming to you for employment. The stories are virtually the same, though the spin might be a little different. It could be as simple as using a different call to action at the end of the video. Or, you might ask a few more questions in an interview, and craft a recruiting story from another project. The 1,800-mile story that lured Isa to Landmark also became a recruiting video of it's own: