How to Get more Customers to see your Facebook posts

Imagine a box of donuts on the table in your break room. Do they sit there all day untouched? No! The first person wanders in, sees the donuts and helps herself. Next thing you know, someone walks past your desk, leaving a trail of sprinkles. Or you're sitting in a meeting and half the people are coating themselves in powdered sugar while the other half are thinking, "Where are the donuts?"

Turning Your Facebook Posts into a "Box of Donuts"

Getting your office to help power your Facebook presence may feel like it's harder than cranking a treadmill up to a 13 incline and trying to run a few miles. Around the conference table everyone agreed they were all in. "Sure, we'll definitely like/comment/share those posts." But it doesn't happen. Ever wonder why?

The first problem may be that they've never liked/commented/shared anything from the company before. If that's the case, then nothing is ever showing up in their newsfeed. That's how the Facebook algorithm works. So crossing the hurdle of getting each team member to find a post from your company and like/comment/share is like delivering the box of donuts in the break room. Once you interact with a post, Facebook says, "Hmmmm, you must want to see more from that company. The next content that's posted, I'll make sure to stick in your Newsfeed." Facebook doesn't want you missing out on the donuts.

Start with 1 Simple Like

Try designating one person to like/comment/share a post. Perhaps the person who actually posted it. Makes sense for the person who brought the donuts to tell some people, "Hey, the donuts are here!" Once they've posted, all they have to do is like/comment/share it. Though it seems so simple, here's how it works (and sometimes doesn't) at Idea Decanter:

Wine 1 Screen Shot

The post above was not original content. We were sharing someone else's news that we thought our community might like. Now keep in mind, there are just two of us at Idea Decanter. And in this case, neither of us bothered to like/comment/share the link EVEN THOUGH we thought it was important enough to post. And because there was no liking/commenting/sharing it showed up in this many newsfeeds:

Wine 2 Screen Shot
Wine 2 Screen Shot

Now 17 people is better than none, but this isn't the kind of traction we're looking for. Why didn't we get involved with our own content? Did we think we were getting by, sneaking a donut and we didn't want anyone to notice? That's not really the point of social media. You want people to notice! Now check out this post of original content that we REALLY wanted people to see. We grabbed that proverbial donut and then told everyone in our network about it:

Wine 3 Screen Shot

With 1 share and a handful of likes, this post about a video that we'd invested time in creating and wanted to share with our followers showed up in this many newsfeeds:

Wine 4 Screen Shot

We don't even have that many fans of the Idea Decanter page. Behold the Power of a little interaction. Think of what it could do in an office with more than 2 people.

More Ways to get Facebook Traction

Is one donut enough? Never! That's why this can't be your only social media strategy.  Anum Hussain writes for HubSpot that your office team can make it a game and offer REWARDS. "If there’s one thing we can learn from FarmVille or Angry Birds, it’s that people love to play games. And if there’s one thing we can infer from Words With Friends, it’s that people love to win." The prize can be as simple as a shout-out in your monthly meeting. Or perhaps a round pastry with a hole in the middle?!?

As marketing mastermind James Runkle at Drummond St. pointed out recently, getting your employees involved in sharing content is important, but finding one blogger who has 50,000 followers to repost your content blows any internally rallying you can do out of the water. Don't rely on your team as your only way to spread the word. For more tricks on laying out a social media share strategy, check out our earlier blog 3 Secrets to Content Distribution.

Sure, there will always be people who don't do donuts, errr, Facebook. They will never be converted. It's not their thing. But that excuse doesn't work for most of the people you work with. It's time to rally the office. Make it a game. A little friendly competition among co-workers never hurt anyone. Especially when it pays off by delivering carefully crafted content to your current and future customers. Now if we could just get a Facebook share for every time we mentioned donuts in this blog!