How to Keep your Video from Looking Like Public Access TV

We're all for DIY. We love the maker movement. We understand budget constraints. But when it comes to video, we truly believe it is better to put out NO VIDEO than to share something fit for a (bad) public access channel. You know what we're talking about. The kind of footage that is:

  • Shaky -- like 3 extra shots of espresso right before you pressed record
  • Dark and grainy -- not to be confused with Dark & Stormy (a quality cocktail)
  • Too bright -- an unintentional likeness of the surface of the sun

What can you do with this footage? Try the trash can icon. The real problem with using video like this on you your company website or any of your social feeds is that it leaves a lasting impression. And that impression might be something like this:

This company doesn't care much about image. Do they care about me?


What can you do to get better video? Well, if you're shooting with an iPhone, we offer 3 easy tips here. You can also spruce up homegrown video by hiring an editor who can generate some graphics to add some polish. Of course, if you have budget, then hire a professional. They know what they're doing and will make sure your brand delivers the impression you want. Need to find a professional? Look no further!