How to Turn What You're Always Talking About into a Vlog

Let's clarify the obvious up front ... "vlogging" is a made up word that became an actual thing. Webster says the first known use was in 2002. In the years since, YouTube stars made the act of vlogging, not just cool, but a respected way to communicate, educate, and entertain. And a vlog might just be your next marketing strategy move. How do you know if it's time to launch your own blog? Ask yourself:

  1. Am I repeating myself … a lot?

  2. Do I like to share?

  3. Do I like technology?

If you answered: Yes, Yes, and YES, then it's time to get vlogging.

vlogging graphic.jpg

Getting Started? How do I do that?

DIY or get some help. When we’re working with clients, we start by asking:

  • What are the conversations you’ve had repeatedly with clients in the last month?

  • What are the interesting situations or stories that have come up in the past quarter?

  • What do you wish each of your clients knew or understood?

When you’ve generated the list, figure out which stories you’d prioritize, plug them into a content calendar and start creating. If you’re going the DIY route, here are 4 handy tips to keep in mind.

When we’re working on vlogs, we like to think in terms of visuals. How can we creatively illustrate your points? Things like motion graphics or b-roll (cover video so viewers don’t see your face the whole time) can not only make your viewers stick with you, but can go a long way in helping explain trickier concepts. Yes, asset allocation and backdoor Roth strategies … we’re talking about you!

What are other advisors vlogging about?

From divorce financial planning tips to HSAs, the options are pretty limitless. Here’s a look at how some financial advisors are approaching vlogging:

Just because you can use 529 savings on K-12 education, should you? Traci Richmond tackles the question in light of the new tax law.

Jacki Roessler uses her experience to walk you through 3 common mistakes she helps her clients avoid in this vlog.

From experience, Nate LeGrand knew that losing a spouse was an important transition point for his clients. He shares what he’s learned helping others through the tough decisions that follow loss in this vlog.

You might not reach the status of Jake Paul (my 10-year-old can't stop watching him and I guess about 14 million other people feel the same way) or Fortnite legend Ninja (the best ESPN article I’ve read lately), but YouTube fame shouldn't be your end game. What you want is to create relevant content to put in front of the right audience. Educate and inspire. Welcome to the vlogosphere!