How to Win Awards (and new business) with your Blog

Back in 2014 we rolled our video production gear into an imaging center in Puget Sound to help launch what would turn into a national blog initiative. The idea was to help the Center for Diagnostic Imaging answer questions for their patients ... and for those potential patients who were searching online. To do that, we went in looking for real patient stories, gathered interviews from the skilled team working with those patients, and talked to the doctors behind-the-scenes who the patients often never meet. All the video and interviews became articles and videos that populated CDI's weekly blog.

Wondering if a blog content strategy like that could work for you? Here's what happened for CDI:

More blog traffic + more organic search = more eyes on your marketing message.

The strategic version of brand journalism that CDI launched resulted in a 37% increase in organic search. And now they have an award and some industry recognition to add fuel to their fire. The Minnesota Health Strategy and Communication Network just honored CDI with the 2017 Award of Excellence for Best in Digital. Woo hoo!