How Video Can Bring Your Message to Life

If your life has been touched by lung cancer, you are well aware of the statistics. But when we learned that lung cancer was The Most Deadly form of cancer, we were shocked. That shock turned to outrage which then morphed into the strong desire to do something. Anything. We were schooled in the cold hard lung cancer facts by Nancy Torrison, executive director of A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation. Her organization is on the front lines, helping those who are suffering and raising awareness for the rest of us.

Though at the time we didn't know much about lung cancer, we do know a thing or two about video. That's why we offered to team up with Nancy to create a video to get the message out. Because at Idea Decanter, we strongly believe in merging the power of visuals and interviews and music to pack an emotional punch. And when it comes to lung cancer, we all need to take a swing. Wondering what kind of impact you can have with video? Give it a try.