Instagram- creative control over your iPhone camera

We love Instagram.  We love our iPhones and we would probably love our Androids if we weren't Apple people.  One thing we don’t love is bad photography no matter if you’ve taken that awful shot with an iPhone or Canon 5D Mark III.  Truth be told we have plenty of boring bad exposures on our hard drives just like the rest of you.  We just don’t show them.

So how can you up your control when you use Instagram?

#1 Don’t use Instagram

Use your camera phone or if you want more control use some of the great Apps out there.  We use Hipstamatic if we want cool funky over filtered images.  But if we really want the photo to do the talking our favorite is 645 Pro.  You can control backlight, film types and crops.  It’s the closest to having a manual camera in your pocket.

#2 Try photo editing software

There are so many post editing solutions for mobile it makes my head spin.  Our favorites include Adobe Photoshop Touch, iPhoto, Snapseed and a fun one called Aviary that not only lets you color correct or brighten but you can also embarrass your friends with eyeglasses and mustaches.  However the text tool can be put to serious good use.

 #3 Don’t use your phone

An easy way to get amazing shots up on Instagram is of course to email the photos taken with much more sophisticated equipment and upload them from you photo library.  Maybe one day Instagram will give us a desktop app but, until then just air drop or email the photo to your phone.

#4 Wait for change!

And, of course, after writing this blog post, this jumps into my feed:

At last ... Instagram is finally going beyond filters and offering some better control of you images.

Now you have options!