Instagram Video

Sick of selfies and photos of dinner?  Instagram can be a great way of communicating or a boring march of other people having fun. To keep your Instagram from being boring and add some movement to your feed try using video. 

PHONE: If you've shot and edited your video on your phone it's easy.  Open up Instagram and simply click on the video you want to upload just like you would a photo.  Add your caption, hashtags and you're done.

COMPUTER: If you're uploading your video from your computer, we've found the easiest way is to use Dropbox to get it to your phone.  Send your video from your computer to dropbox, open the Dropbox app on your phone and download the video so it saves on your phone then upload to Instagram the same way you upload a photo.

A taste of our next #BioVideo from lovely #Seattle. Enjoy the #Timelapse. Visit us tomorrow to see the #video

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Stay strong and keep #fightingpretty! Happy 2016 ladies! @ideadecanter #sendingstrength

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Don't want to be square?  You no longer have to.  Click the <> button to keep the horizontal dimensions of your video.


Why take the time, go through the steps, and use video on Instagram?  It's all about personality.  In a sea of static food shots, kids and beaches, your brand can communicate a personal message to your followers in 30 seconds or less.  Need hashtag help???  Check out this blog post from Latergramme with all the top ranking hashtags.