Baking Up a Brand

Some gigs are sweeter than others. But nothing has been quite as mouth watering as shooting for Sweet Cookie of Mine. This local Portland baker ... or should I say cookie magician ... can turn a treat into a masterpiece in no time flat.

Piecing the Story Together

Before we started the video, we had to pinpoint the mystery behind Kelly's cookies. What's so amazing about her cookies isn't how they taste (though they are delicious, take it from us). The truly captivating part is the artistry that goes into the cookie design. How does Kelly do it? We realized that was the crux of the story. We wanted to see her create her mini masterpieces so we gave Kelly the challenge of narrowing down her repertoire to a handful of designs and showing us how it's done. (A word of caution... hitting the play button may induce cookie cravings):

Using Video to Support your Brand

For any business, creating video that reflects your brand is important. But equally important is executing a strategy to use the video. It's the icing to the cookie. Kelly's key strategy was to share her video through her main marketing channel ... her growing Facebook community. Hundreds of views later, more fans have gotten a taste for how Kelly creates her cookies. In fact, someone stopped me recently and said, "Did you do that cookie video? My kids watch it over and over on my phone." I bet they were begging for cookies by the end of the second or third viewing. Mine were.