The Magic of Editing for Make-A-Wish

Do you remember being 15?  I do.  I was a budding photographer creating experimental work with lots of motion and mirrors and probably taking more than the necessary number of brooding self portraits. That's when I wasn't busy reading J.R.R. Tolkein.  Editing Meghan's wish brought me back to those magical days.

Through her battle with cancer, Meghan has nurtured a dream of becoming a costume designer. The Make-A-Wish Foundation made it happen, sending Meghan to New Zealand to meet Richard Taylor, the costume designer for The Lord of the Rings film series. 

Meghan shot the video documenting her wish with the supplied camera from Make-A-Wish. Putting her video together gave me the chance to look through her eyes and see the world from her perspective. It also offered a great challenge to turn handheld footage from an enthusiastic teenager into a visual story. Using After Effects, I toned down the sometimes shaky footage. Next I incorporated Meghan's shots of her feet as story makers through the video, showing her stepping onto the plane and then into a new land. 

In the video, you just get a peek inside the Weta Workshop where Taylor's costume magic happens, but it looks like the most amazing place on earth for a budding costume designer.