Make Your Homepage Come to Life with Video

Here's a challenge: Take a look with a critical eye at your company's homepage where many of your prospective clients are getting a first impression of you and your business. Does it:

  1. Explain your service?
  2. Highlight your differentiators? 
  3. Speak directly to the needs of your target market?
  4. And do it all in a way that really lets your team shine?

It's possible to cover all 4 points in words with careful crafted copy. But using video can convey the message on a deeper level, with more meaning, in less time than it's taken you to read up to here in this blog. The brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text.


You don't have to be a math genius to know that 60,000x faster = a lot more meaning crammed into each valuable second of your viewer's time. That's one of the reasons the leadership team at Quest Capital Management in Dallas, TX decided to produce a homepage video. Kalita Blessing, CFP® led the charge, telling us that adding video would distinguish the company website and also was a way to humanize each advisor. Here's what you see on Quest's homepage:

Watch a video and you feel like you've met someone. It's a different kind of introduction in this digital age. Nothing beats an old-fashioned handshake and conversation over coffee, but there's no denying that devices give us a gateway into the lives of potential clients. Leveraging the technology is something the team at Center for Financial Planning in Southfield, MI has been doing for 4 years. With 75 videos on their YouTube channel, the commitment to communication through video is clear. Melissa Joy, CFP® a partner at the firm, says when she makes a new contact or wants to explore a business, she's immediately researching online.

If I want to work with someone, I’m immediately going to their website to see what’s going on. A video is a way to kind of hear people, to get to know them, understand their purpose. And I also look at what’s going on with any company or person’s digital presence to recognize both their credibility as well as their ability to get things done.
— Melissa Joy, CFP®

That's the exact same mindset Melissa's clients have when they visit The Center's website. Her attitude is that video helps you put your best foot forward to your prospective clients. Which is why their homepage video is front and center and easy to find with a big red "play" button to click:

Tips for Posting Your homepage Video

The name "homepage" is a dead give-away for where this video belongs. The best homepage videos are featured front and center, have a play button that makes it obvious that your website visitors can click and watch, and may also have copy directing visitors to Watch this video! or Click here so we can say, 'Hi!'

You will need to make a decision about where this video "lives." You have a few options: 

  1. Build it right into your website if you have the functionality.
  2. Post it to YouTube or Vimeo and embed it into your website.

If you use a video hosting platform your homepage video still appears on your website and plays right there, but it actually "lives" over on the other platform. You should consider putting it on YouTube because it is quickly growing in search engine popularity -- especially among younger viewers who use YouTube the same way you might search on Google. In fact, YouTube is transforming the way we search for information and is now the 2nd largest search engine. The advantage of building the video into your website (if you can) is that you have more control over how it looks. For example, you won't have a YouTube icon in the corner or text on the top left with the title of the video. It's the debate of the cleaner version vs. the higher search potential. You decide. 

How to Get More Mileage out of Your Video

Before you blow your budget on video production, ask yourself this: How am I going to promote it? It's a good idea to save part of your budget to boost your video's viewership. Here are a few ideas for where to use the video and your money:

  1. Facebook: First of all take the video and upload it directly to Facebook so it autoplays in the newsfeed. Then boost that post. Make sure you include a link to your homepage in the copy that posts above your video. And include a clear call to action. How much you spend on the boost and who you choose as your audience are strategic decisions you'll have to make. You can also use it to create a promoted post. A boost comes with more decisions, more cost, and the potential to reach more people.
  2. LinkedIn and Twitter are great places to post the link for free. Make sure you post it with a image from the video because any post with pictures gets more eyes on it. On Twitter you can also post video to autoplay. The maximum length of a Twitter video is 2 minutes 20 seconds. If your homepage video runs longer than that, consider creating shorter "snackable" versions for use on your social platforms. You can create ads on LinkedIn and Twitter with targeted audiences as well. If this is where your prospective clients are hanging out, this is where you should spend money promoting your video.

Want to keep going? Create a campaign out of your homepage video. You may have come up with 3 important messages you delivered in the story. Get the video re-edited into very tightly focused 30-second-ish videos about that topic. And always keep track of your metrics. When you know what is working best, it's easy to make future decisions about what kind of video to create and how to use it.