Podcast: Laura Garfield talks Video Marketing with Sheryl Brown of "The F Word"


Suggesting that you have 50 minutes of spare time to hear Females & Finance’s Sheryl Brown and I discuss video marketing seems about as absurd as asking you to come to my house and make me a chocolate soufflé. Wait, would you do that? My oven happens to be free!

But just in case you were wanting to brush up on the latest and greatest thoughts from the two of us on making videos (especially for the financial services world), this might just be worth your time. As long as you are multi-tasking. So save this link for your next trip on the treadmill or long, slow commute. And if you’re looking for a specific topic, here’s a handy dandy cheat sheet because I know your time is money:

01:30 Why I make Sheryl nervous

03:00 Going on about how Melissa Joy is a visionary

06:00 My puzzle mind (not puzzled!)

08:15 The Women’s Leadership Alliance and how they are changing the conversation

15:00 Getting your videos to autoplay on all the right platforms

20:15 Video marketing tip: Don’t “clench up"!” Get personal.

29:20 How to get around the “heavies” — aka compliance officers

36:30 The secret behind why we won’t turn our phones sideways

37:50 And finally I make a bold prediction for the future of video (go ahead, hold me to it)

42:00 Bonus: Favorite cartoon characters and least favorite airports