Our Newest Team Member on his Emmy Shelf & Bloody Beginning in Video

Donny got his start shooting horror movies with his friends on his dad’s super eight camera. In the best (by his own account), one of them climbed up the dropdown ladder stairs from the attic. About halfway into the attic the plot had a monster attacking – at which point the boys dumped a ridiculous amount of fake blood (made from water and red dye) down the stairs. It was a mess and his dad wasn’t pleased, but there began his love of visual storytelling.

Donny Pearce

Donny Pearce


A degree in broadcast journalism later, Donny launched into TV news in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was one of the station’s four videographers, who shared two cameras and one battery belt. “It was good times,” Donny remembers. He worked through TV stations in Charleston, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina where the most memorable story he covered was the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker trial. Then, in '93, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where he stayed for 20 years covering history-making stories for news including the arrival and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 


For his work, Donny was awarded three Emmy’s, three DuPont’s, four Murrow’s and a slew of local awards – but he admits most are boxed up in his Denver home. He keeps the Emmy’s out because, well, wouldn’t you? He’s now using that eye for the best shot, his skill at assembling sequences, and his love of a good story to shoot, edit, and produce videos for Idea Decanter clients. His other formal job duties include chauffeur and comic relief. 

Why video? Donny believes people prefer to sit and watch someone explain and show them something, more than just reading. “I do. Every time. When there's something I don't know how to edit, I Google it and some 15-year-old in Britain tells me how to do it!” 

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