#SocialMediaHacks: Tumblr

Tumblr is the great geek-out microblogging platform  It’s a bit like if Twitter and Instagram had a baby.  The most successful bloggers have set up accounts that explore one subject ad infinitim.  Some have projects that they showcase on Tumblr and some use it instead of WordPress.   Once you set up your blog, you can follow blogs you like, reblog and “like”.  You can use it like Pinterest to curate a set of ideas searching by keyword for relevant blogs. And you can share your passion with your followers.

Like all social media channels it works best if you stay consistent with your content and posting schedule. Tumblr makes it easy by allowing you to queue posts so your feed can be populated throughout the day, week or month.  Reblogging and liking will show up in feeds much like Twitter and can be handy when building up a network. Blogs range from pure re-posts to wholly original content.

Currently Idea Decanter is mixing it up with original content plus re-posting articles about the science of wine. It’s a great tool for finding interesting facts that you aren’t going to see on the news. And you can use the Tumblr format to broadcast your company blog to a new audience.  Since most people use Tumblr on their phones, I recommend copying your content into your Tumblr page rather than linking. Whether you end up using Tumblr for information, entertainment, or to as a business tool, there’s a whole microblogging world waiting for you to discover.