#SocialMediaHacks: Word Swag


Beautiful pictures with inspirational quotes seem to be the currency of social media today. Have you ever stopped to wonder where all of these things come from? And how do you get some? The answer is $2.99 well spent on an app called Word Swag. It is uber user friendly and super quick. Oh, did we have you at $2.99? Here’s how it works:

✓ Open the app and either take a photo or choose one from your photo library (you can also choose from a load of     patterned backgrounds if that’s more your speed).

✓ If you’re using a photo, next you crop with the swipe of your fingers, type your brilliant inspirational message, then play. Seriously, it is so much fun. You can scroll through this menu on the bottom and try out all kinds of fonts and layouts.


✓ There are some more advanced maneuvers … and by advanced we actually mean a dog could do it with her eyes closed and her paws tied to her tail. For example, you can play with colors and transparency and move the text around, but we don’t want to make your head spin.

✓ Last, but certainly not least, when you have perfected the gorgeous creation, you have the option to push it to a slew of social media platforms.

Brilliant? Check. Easy. Check. Why haven’t you been Word Swagging for years? Beats us … but it’s never to late to get your swag on.