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Don't Call Video a "Trend" in 2017. It's Reality. Are You Keeping Up?

At this point, saying video is coming to marketing would be like saying smartphones are starting to catch on. Think about how you use digital content. Whether it's on social platforms, YouTube, or a company website. Video now has firmly secured a seat at the marketing table. And watch out, because it's making a move on the chair at the head.

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Digital Campaign Case Study: Hockey Family of the Year

When I entered the 2015 Toyota Hockey Family of the Year contest last fall, I had no idea I'd be blogging about it today. The only thought I had at the time was, "Wow, my kids will think this is so cool if we win!" But this contest morphed from something personal to something practical. I work with clients every day on digital content campaigns.

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2 Ways to Tastefully Brag about your Brand

When you were a kid, did you get the lesson about not bragging? "Be humble!" they reminded us. But when you're talking about your business, being humble isn't always very helpful. Though you're knee-deep in the day-to-day of your company, remember not everyone is. So just because you know your mission and values, that doesn't mean others immediately know too. 

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