Target Market: The Success of an Edgy Oregon Winery

On the homepage of Naked Winery you’ll find a group of wine tasters holding up a sign that reads, “I Get Naked Regularly!” With wines named Oh! Orgasmic Zinfindal and Blazing Straddle Sweet Red, the Oregon winery’s target market is clearly not the prudish. Their titillating approach isn’t common in the wine industry, but it seems to be gaining traction. According to Talk is Sheep Marketing, the Naked Winery has doubled their DTC sales by leveraging their online presence. By carving out an edgy, sexy brand, the Naked Winery doesn't appeal to everyone. And that’s why it works. Stripping Down Your Customers

You don’t have to use sexual innuendo to capture a customer’s attention, but you do have to find some way to connect. Connecting to your customers can mean life or death for your business. And to connect, you have to know who they are. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to identify your target market and your strengths in selling to them.

To figure out if you’re already there, ask yourself these questions about your ideal customers:

                        -Who are they?

                        -What do they like?

                        -How do they spend their free time?

                        -What do they buy, wear, eat, drink?

When you get this kind of detail down, you can stop being a generalist and start getting specific. In the Naked Winery’s case, are they selling wine or are they dedicated to reducing the divorce rate one bottle and one couple at a time? To deliver effective marketing messages, you have to take what you know about your target market and use it shape the content you create. You don’t need to be all things to all people. You can’t be.