2 Ways to Tastefully Brag about your Brand

When you were a kid, did you get the lesson about not bragging? "Be humble!" they reminded us. But when you're talking about your business, being humble isn't always very helpful. Though you're knee-deep in the day-to-day of your company, remember not everyone is. So just because you know your mission and values, that doesn't mean others immediately know too. 

1. Video: #ILookLikeaCFP

Creating a video can be a great way to brag. One of our favorite clients (yes, we have favorites) started talking to us about the challenges women face in the financial planning industry. Believe it or not, only 23% of Certified Financial Planners are women. This client though, bucks that trend. Center for Financial Planning's gender split is 50-50. We saw this as a great opportunity for a little of the "B" word. Bragging. Except when you are talking about something that is truly exceptional and that sets you apart from your competition in a very real way, is it really bragging? Or is it just good marketing? You decide:

In the interest of full disclosure, the brilliant ladies at Center for Financial Planning didn't launch #ILookLikeaCFP to brag ... or to even promote their workplace. They are motivated by a desire to make a change in their industry. The positive publicity for their own company is just a by-product of their do-good-for-women mission. Win-win!

2. Social Campaign: 7 Things Memes

Not long ago, as I awaited takeoff, I was paging through a Delta in-flight Sky magazine. I stumbled upon a little calendar of all the great charitable programs Delta was involved with that month. It got me thinking about the tactics companies use to brag. With Sky's captive audience, Delta delivered a message about how it helps the community without being overtly boastful. That's the challenge. How do you strike a balance between delivering your purpose-driven point without turning off your audience?

Accepting that challenge, we created Idea Decanter's "7 things" series of memes. We know what we do every day, but some of our clients and potential clients did not. So we came up with 7 concepts that we wanted people to associate with us. Once we had the 7 points, we decided to get them out there with a series of shareable, easy-to-read memes. Visuals draw people in, so we wanted our message to be visual. And since we were talking about us, we used personal behind-the-scenes photos to illustrate the points. "Travel is our thing" let people know that we don't just work in the Pacific Northwest and "We are geeky" proudly proclaimed our love of tech. In addition to the great feedback we got about the campaign, we have to admit, sometimes bragging even feels good. Try it!