Using Video Marketing to Connect Doctors + Patients

In the days of wearable tech, robotic surgery, and AI healthcare, it's easy for doctors to get lost behind technology. How do you flip it and use technology to connect your doctors and patients? Your competitors are turning to video. In a 2017 Healthcare Marketing trends report from Salesforce, more than 150 leaders in healthcare, health insurance, pharmaceuticals and the medical device sector were interviewed. 

61% of healthcare marketers use video advertising
65% use content marketing
65% say video advertising budgets are on the rise

When asked why, the health industry report found that, "Customers are accustomed to quickly getting answers online to almost any inquiry." You need to be ready and waiting when patients start typing in a query.

Who are your Experts?

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One way to leverage video is to use it to profile your experts. If you ever saw Steve Hartman reporting for CBS News' "Everybody has a Story" segment, you know that every "Joe next door" has a story. (If you haven't seen it, here are some of the best!). When it comes to your doctors, the same is true. It might be why they got into medicine, how they spend their free time, or what they see as the next big challenge to conquer in healthcare -- any of the details can help make a connection between your experts and their customers.

Case Study: Meet Our Experts

The award-winning medical content marketing team at Center for Diagnostic Imaging wanted to show the human side of their experts by creating a "Meet our Experts" video campaign. With their business, they faced a unique challenge because often the patients never meet the radiologists who are making the diagnosis. Humanizing the process was important. In this story, we took the cameras into Dr. Ross Cerniglia's home where he explained how his modern house build was like his job looking at the structures of a body:

How do you connect patients to a breast radiologist? That was the challenge with Dr. Shadie Majidi's "Meet our Experts" story. Every day she is helping patients through the process of finding and diagnosing breast cancer. As Dr. Majidi explains, "Finding a breast cancer is like finding a needle in a haystack." With her highly-trained eyes, she can pick out that needle from a picture that would look like a Rorschach test to the rest of us. Here's her story:

Whether you call it a Bio Video or an Expert Profile, you want to create a short-format story that gets personal. It gives patients a chance to feel like they've met their care provider when they've only clicked play. If you're considering adding this approach in your marketing strategy, here are 4 reasons it makes sense:

1. Increase BIO PAGE engagement

If you pay any attention to your website's metrics, you've probably noticed that your "team" or "bio" pages get a good bit of traction. Often one of the first stops a web visitor makes after your homepage is to check out the people. The bio is important, so use it to differentiate yourself from your competition.


When you're sitting down to craft your story, it can be hard to sound genuine and unscripted as you're typing. That's the beauty of our approach to Bio Videos (here's the secret to what makes a bio work). So instead of making an impression by writing a stiff paragraph and posting a posed picture, with a Bio Video you get a  genuine way to share your personality with patients visiting your website.


The value of human interaction is a no-brainer. That's why bedside manner is so important. But patients can't experience bedside manner via your website. So the next best thing is to approximate real life by making your website a multi-sensory experience. After studying multi-sensory learning, UCLA & UC Riverside researchers report:

The human brain has evolved to develop, learn and operate optimally in multisensory environments.

Why not make each bio page as multi-sensory as possible? Use an Expert Profile video to show and tell the real people behind the credentials.


There's no end to the places you could post a Bio Video or the ways you could put it to work in your marketing strategy. In addition to the obvious -- a bio page -- why not use it as an intro at a speaking engagement? Use it to up the ante by pinning to the top of your LinkedIn profile page. And don't forget to turn it into a marketing campaign that puts a human face on your brand of care.