Video Tips: Why You Need YouTube Playlists


You’ve just spent time and energy creating videos for your business, sending them through compliance, uploading them to YouTube, embedding them in your website, sharing them on social media, and sending them in emails. But you’re not quite done yet! You still need to make a YouTube playlist. 

We know, videos are a lot of work — just like a puppy — but you really should create a YouTube playlist and here’s why:

1. When your Audience Searches, They Find

Have you ever used a video tutorial for… anything? Then you know how challenging it can be to find a video that doesn’t drag on, yet gives you the information you need. When you finally do find someone with a good video on the topic you’re learning more about, you want to see if they have any other videos that you can watch. Welcome to the beauty of a YouTube Playlist! A viewer can visit your YouTube Channel and click on the playlists to see all your related videos! 

2. You’re Likely to Show Up in Search Results More Often

Playlists are indexed separately from your videos. Meaning that when someone searches for “401K Strategy,” YouTube will look at your video title and description and your playlist title and description. This gives you the opportunity to show up twice in someone’s YouTube results!

3. You’ll Get More Views

Have you ever been watching a two-part series, but can’t find the second part? YouTube playlist fixes this. When videos are in a playlist together, they show as “related videos” to the right of the video you are watching. It’s like YouTube is reading the viewer’s mind. Wait, maybe it is!

4. Playlists Help Your Ranking

The more views you get, the higher you show in results. If someone is watching your playlist, one video will auto-play after another, increasing the amount of views you get.

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