How to Use Your Bio Video

We tell our clients, once you have a video SHARE IT! By that we mean everywhere. We know that's easy to say when you work every day in social media.  But even if you don't, it can be simple to get the most mileage out of your finished product. We get questions like:

                         -How do you get that bio video on LinkedIn? 

                         -What is the best way of sharing it on social media?  

                         -Should I embed or post links?

We're in the perfect position to give advice on this because we just released and promoted Sharon's bio video. Take a look:

We documented how we shared Sharon's video so we could give you simple, step-by-step instruction for getting the most out of your video shares. Here's what we did:

1. Post that video to YouTube or Vimeo.  The first step is finding a place for the video to "live" online. That means uploading it to a hosting site. If you don't have a YouTube or Vimeo account, you can sign up for free. Sign up for both while you're at it. Then upload your video to your account. Make sure to write a summary describing the video and it's always a good idea to provide a link to your website. Which leads us to ...

2. Now get that video on your website!  For most of us, you just copy the embed link from YouTube or Vimeo. Paste that URL into the backend of Wordpress or Squarespace and it should populate it (a.k.a. make it magically appear) to your blog or your homepage or your about us page -- whatever seems like the best fit. When deciding where to post the video, we suggest checking your metrics. If the bulk of your visitors are just looking at your homepage, find a place for your video there. If many of them are clicking on to your bio page, or landing there initially, that's prime real estate and makes it a great place to post a bio video.

3. Next stop Facebook. You can copy the URL from your website or YouTube to your Facebook status -- but because Facebook loves autoplay video so much, we suggest directly embedding it to the platform. So start a status update, click post video, then select upload video and just load that bad boy up from your computer. Don't forget to write some catchy copy to post with it. Facebook's Newsfeed algorithm is placing an enormous amount of weight on videos right now (click here to read more) so whatever you do, don't skip this step!

Our Results: Posting directly to Facebook gave us 361 views and over 700 impressions (compared to our 16 Vimeo views from our Twitter promotion). Take into consideration where you've built your following and take your bio video to those fans. One of our followers messaged us after seeing our FB post and referred a new client to Idea Decanter.

4. Make it a stand out. Before you close your Facebook window, there's one more step. You can "pin" your video -- meaning it will stick to the top even as you post new things. Now visitors to your FB page won't miss your video. Start by clicking that little arrow on the upper right side of your post and hit Pin It.  

5. Embed it into your LinkedIn Profile. Give your clients or future employees/employers an inside look into your personality and talents. Go to "profile" and then choose "edit profile" from the drop down menu. From there, just select the section where you think the video fits best -- maybe Summary or Experience -- and then look for "add media" or a small box icon with a plus in the corner. From there, just follow the directions from step #2 and you'll be set.


Our Results: LinkedIn is a tough one to measure unless you actually post a blog, but it can really pay off. We had a former client contact us about bio video work after seeing this pop up on his LinkedIn feed. 

6. Tweet the link or embed to Twitter. So you have a great Twitter following? Don't forget them! Either tweet out the link or post a teaser to play right in the Twitter feed. Here's how to do that: Copy the URL from Youtube or Vimeo and simply import the link into your tweet.  If you want to embed a short video (6 seconds or less) from your phone, you simply add it to your tweet like your would upload a photo. Here are directions from Twitter .

7. Take a snippet and optimize for Instagram. This is a fun option we've started offering our clients. But, if you're familiar with editing video you can DIY. We used this tutorial from Matt Johnson of for Premiere Pro. This makes a square video perfect for Instagram.

A taste of our next #BioVideo from lovely #Seattle. Enjoy the #Timelapse. Visit us tomorrow to see the #video

A video posted by Idea Decanter (@ideadecanter) on

Our Results:  We used this to drum up excitement a day before we released the bio video. We got 15x more likes on the video clip than we normally get on images. Instagram loves video too.

8. Don't forget other platforms! Whether you're a big Google+ fan or you love Ello -- don't forget to share links or embed the video directly to all the social platforms you use regularly.

That's at least 8 things you could be doing with one bio video. And those are just the online ideas. Still want more ideas? Try using your versatile bio video like this:

  • Play as an introduction before a presentation at a conference or course you're teaching
  • Shoot the link to new prospects
  • Embed the clickable video in your email signature
  • Add it to press releases that involve you

Have we convinced you that you need a bio video? We're ready to tell your story and help you share it!

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