What a 90-second Video Can do for You

It used to be you needed to spend bucket loads of money for a TV or radio spot. These days, the Internet has made advertising to your audience amazingly affordable. But where do you start? How about making a video that will connect with your audience. Start by thinking about what your audience needs.

Video Can Answer a Question

The number one question jewelry maker Kari Heybrock’s customers were asking was, “Where do you get your beads?” We helped her create this video that showcase how each and every bead Kari used in her one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces was made by hand.


Video Can Showcase a Product or Event

For years, Oak Knoll Winery has been inviting folks out to their lush lawn to bask in the late day summer sunshine, sip wine, eat bar-b-que, and listen to local bands. To really capture the vibe of the Toast of the Tunes concert series in a way that a photo or the written word can’t, we shot a video. It was all recorded on an iPhone and edited on the iMovie software that may be free on your desktop right now.


Video Can Establish Your Brand

The Vintage Plate’s video was all about introducing the service to new brides. Did you know you could rent cool mix-n-match vintage china for your wedding reception? You did as soon as you watched this video. We created Vintage Plate’s ideal client, decided what the company would be if it were a person, and created an establishing look that would resonate with that target market.

Getting Your Video Watched

Once you have your video shot and edited, what do you do next? First, get that puppy onto Vimeo or YouTube. Vimeo is great for embedding into your blog or website (we love the interface). But you can’t beat the power of Google and Youtube for disseminating your content. We say post it to both. Then link, embed, and share everywhere your market hangs out on the Internet. Blog posts, Twitter, Facebook even the front page of you website. You don’t have to go viral to tell your story … you just need to reach the right customers.