What Not to Wear on your Video Shoot

The number one question we get asked after, “When can we book this video?” is, “What do I need to wear?” So we decided to walk you through it by giving you some examples in this video:


Dressing for the camera isn’t quite the same as dressing for … well, just about anything else. There are certain patterns and colors that the camera just doesn’t like.  

So let’s talk first about what to avoid:

Small patterns.  Checks, houndstooth, or pin stripes can create a vibrating effect on video.

Bad colors. Certain colors compliment your skin tones and others will make you look like you're on your deathbed. If you know what colors work with your complexion, pick those! If you don't -- ask someone you trust for advice. Bright red and orange and neon green are particularly hard for most people to pull off because they tend to overwhelm and can contaminate skin tones.

Crazy color combinations. Keep in mind, you want your audience to pay attention to you not your clothes. 

Loud jewelry. Say what? Jewelry can definitely make distracting noise during your shoot. If you have a big necklace, it can bang into the lapel mic. If you have an arm full of bangles, you'll hear them every time you move a muscle.

Glossy lipstick.  Highlights tend to bloom in video making any “hot spots” bright white. Nobody wants white spots on their lips.

Ugly hands. If your hands are going to be on camera this is the time for a manicure and hand lotion.  I like Neutrogena Hand Cream (and no, this is not a sponsored ad). It takes 10 years off. Really!

Now for what you should wear:

Neutrals always look nice and complement most skin tones.  You can always add a subtle pop of color if you feel the need.

Layers can add interest.  An complementary tie, scarf or jacket keeps you looking polished.

Structured clothes will make you look thinner. The old adage about the camera adding 10 pounds is not an urban legend. If you put on baggy or flowing clothes, you're not doing yourself any favors.

Here's what we tell all our clients when they ask: Pick something that is 20% better then you would normally dress and you'll look perfect.