What's in our video kit.

packing list below*
packing list below*
1- iPhone- Always handy, just always at 10% battery
2- GoPro- You just never know…
3- Canon 5D MIII- Beautiful and cinematic but it lightens your wallet
4- Leatherman tool - Absolutely necessity
5- Arri light- For that film noir look
6-Green screen- Fly like Superman or travel the world virtually (post-production required)
7- Steadicam- Practice, practice, practice
8- Light meter- A much needed second opinion
9- Ice Light- When that extension cord can’t reach
10-Lumix- Light and affordable alternative to the Canon (3)
11- Monopod- Slow it down for smoother shots
12- Cards- We always bring lots
13- Spare card- Because you’ll need it
14- Compass- Good for working with the sun (or your way if you get lost)
15- A-Clamp- Attach stuff to stuff
16- Cinefoil- Mold you light or make a cool bat cave
17- Jib- Look like a pro
18- Skateboard- Inexpensive dolly