When You Should Act Like a Kardashian

For most of us, the easy answer would be: uhhh, never! But there is something to be learned from the queens of over-exposure. You can’t accuse them of failing to put themselves out there, right? There’s no need to share to the extent of a Kardashian, but ask yourself, “Am I doing a good job getting my company’s story out there?” Are you letting your customers get an inside look at your business so they connect with you and feel like they are part of your operation? If you’re not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to build trust and loyalty and to gain new customers. How much is too much?

Ultimately, that’s up to you. But in the digital age, content is king. You establish your expertise by sharing your knowledge. Writing or recording what you know about then using social media to broadcast it to the world helps you educate your current and future customers. Do your customers care you have leftovers for lunch? Probably not. Could they gain insight by learning more about how your company runs, how you make decisions, which charities you are supporting and why? I like this rule of thumb: If it seems relevant to you, it’s fair game.

Remember the 3 C’s

Unlike reality tv “stars”, you do need to make sure you are crafting the right kind of message. Think in terms of communicating with the 3 C’s: credibility, clarity, & competency. For credibility, choose topics you know something about that will help you establish your brand. For clarity, make sure your message is crystal clear. Try running it by someone else to make sure you’ve left no gaping holes. And when you successfully pull the first two together, you’ll land at competency … proving to your audience that you are capable of delivering something they need.

Don’t worry that what you have to say is too mundane. If you see value in your story, your readers will too. Or they won’t, and they’ll click on to something else. You’re lucky to get 30 seconds of attention span. You’re doing it right if you get 5 minutes. And when it comes to how much you share, there’s no way you’ll ever keep up with the Kardashians, but the reality is: That’s OK!