Why Video Marketing Works in Healthcare


With its ability to show the human side of doctors, tell patient stories, explain the complex, and answer those questions that can keep anyone up at night ... video gets our vote. Don't just take our word for it. "Video brings your stories to life," says Jessica Matthews of Make-A-Wish. She adds:

“Storytelling is huge in marketing because everyone wants to feel like they’re directly helping someone and at Make-A-Wish they really are.
— Jessica Matthews, Communications Manager at Make-A-Wish Alaska + Washington

The secret sauce of video is the powerful combination of messaging and imagery. If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how much more information you can squeeze into 30 seconds worth of video. That's why video is so valuable for marketers.

We posed the question to health care marketing professionals, "Why are you embracing video marketing?" Here's what they said:

If you're marketing to patients, understanding their digital journey is key. Dr. Michael Cumming, Medical Director of CDI Vascular Care, frequently hears from his vascular patients that they checked him out online. That's why he started creating videos to explain his most sought-after procedures. He also found video to be an effective way to virtually introduce himself to patients who were still evaluating their care options.

Dr. Cumming, CDI

Knowing how your patients are using your video content is important too. By tracking your metrics and understanding your viewers' preferences, you can create more content that better caters to their needs.

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Finally, putting your videos in the right places can mean the difference between double digit views and six-figure views. Where are you hosting the video? How are you pushing it out? What targeting measures are you using to reach your intended audience? The answers to those questions will help you create content that is worth the spend.


"Today, content only succeeds if it delivers what consumers want, when and how they want it." -Forbes


If you haven't yet added video to your marketing strategy, now is the time to consider it. Not only because it is what your competition is doing, but because it better serves the needs of your patients.

In order to continue to meet patients in their moment of need, video we feel is the way to tell the story and it’s something we definitely want to continue to do.
— Jill Voss, Marketing Director at Center for Diagnostic Imaging

In an age when time is the most valuable commodity, video can help you buy more minutes. Your doctors can deliver a personal message with video. You can use it to explain complex procedures, walk patients through the consent process, give them a tour of your facility, or capture a powerful patient testimonial. Sure, it takes time to make video, but once you have it, the possibilities are endless.