Sell Yourself: Why You Need a Bio Video

We learned a lot about selling recently from Seattle realtor Tammy Hatch. As we worked with her to script her story and shuttled her around town for her shoots, she gave us her take on working with clients. Tammy told us she meets her house hunters on common ground -- like at a coffee shop -- because she wants them to know they are as important to the deal as she is. That gem of realtor knowledge came from personal experience. When Tammy and her husband bought their first home, she said they sat across the desk from the realtor and it felt like she was buying a used car. Not good. The moment we heard that story, we knew all of Tammy's potential clients should hear it too -- that's why we put it in her bio video.

If we asked you if you wanted a bio video, your first thought might be: Do I need a bio video? The answer seems pretty obvious to us. Of course! But we love the concept of the bio video while you might still be sorting out how you feel. Perhaps the idea of you telling the world (on the Internet) the story of you seems self-involved? We see it more as self-promotional. There's no one better to sell yourself than Y.O.U. 

4 Ways Bio Pages Work for You

1. Better your bio page: If you pay any attention to your website's metrics, you've probably noticed that your "team" or "bio" pages get a good bit of traction. Often one of the first stops a web visitor makes after your homepage is to check out who you are. Your bio is important, so use it to differentiate yourself from your competition.

2. Share your real voice:  When you're sitting down to craft your story, it can be hard to sound genuine and unscripted. That's the beauty of our approach to bio videos (here's the secret to what makes a bio work). So instead of a stiff paragraph or page or writing and a posed picture, you get a  genuine way to share your personality with your prospects.

3. Make a multi-sensory connection: Is it easier to do a deal through email, over the phone, or face-to-face? The value of human interaction is a no-brainer. But you can't get real life via your website. So the next best thing is to approximate real life by making your website a multi-sensory experience. After studying multi-sensory learning, UCLA & UC Riverside researchers report:

"The human brain has evolved to develop, learn and operate optimally in multisensory environments."

Why not make your bio page as multi-sensory as possible? Use your bio video to show and tell the real you.

4. Get more mileage: There's no end to the places you could post your bio video or the ways you could put it to work for you. In addition to the obvious -- your bio page -- why not use it as an intro at your next speaking engagement? You could embed it in emails to perspective clients. Try using it on your favorite social platforms.

Tammy started by adding her video to her website, launching her own YouTube channel, and embedding it directly to Facebook. Her results? "I have received a ton of great feedback all loving the video!"