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6 Big Ideas for Vlogging Financial Advisors in 2019

Ever get asked where you want to go for dinner and suddenly you draw a blank?

All the new places you’ve been wanting to try suddenly disappeared from memory. Your list of “old standbys” vanished too. “Where should we eat?” echoes loudly in your head. When it happens to me, I pull out my phone and find the local Eater list of best new restaurants in Portland. 

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Tears of Joy from a Teaching Tool

Tell someone to get onto Client Access and start using it and they might look at you like you’re suggesting they take the next SpaceX ride. There’s a reason for their fear. Navigating an unfamiliar website can feel a little like you’ve landed on a new planet. Careful, don’t touch that! It might explode! Of course, there’s no button inside Client Access you can accidentally click that is going to undo all the financial planning work you’ve done together.

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Valentine's Tribute to Our Clients

We say it. A lot. But it's worth repeating. Actually, it's worth shouting from the tippy top peak of our roof: WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS!!! If you were Jerry Maguire asking, "Who's coming with me?" ... we'd grab our bags and follow you. If you were Leo on the floaty crate in the icy water trying to let go, we'd keep holding on. If you were Thelma, we'd be your Louise. That kind of love.

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Tired of Repeating Yourself?

There are days when I wish I had a science-y, futuristic hologram of myself programmed to repeat those most common phrases to come out of my mouth. Honestly, this happens more in parenting than in business (i.e. "Pick up your dirty socks!" "Take your dishes to the sink!" Bring your bike in from the driveway for the love of ....").

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Cat videos: The future is here!

Here at Idea Decanter we truly believe in the power of video to educate, inform and inspire.  But we all secretly in the bottom of our hearts want that stratospheric view count , we want to go viral!!!  So 2017 has been dedicated to cracking the code. We've done tons of research and after going through all the data one statistic ruled supreme in the quest for viralness. 

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Don't Call Video a "Trend" in 2017. It's Reality. Are You Keeping Up?

At this point, saying video is coming to marketing would be like saying smartphones are starting to catch on. Think about how you use digital content. Whether it's on social platforms, YouTube, or a company website. Video now has firmly secured a seat at the marketing table. And watch out, because it's making a move on the chair at the head.

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