Health Stories

What's the best way to connect with your patients and your referring providers? We nominate video.

With its ability to show the human side of doctors, tell patient stories, explain the complex, and answer those questions that can keep anyone up at night ... video gets our vote.

Our unique combination of deep experience in commercial photography and broadcast journalism help us approach your story in a whole different way. We’re not just filmmakers or a production company.

We specialize in medical storytelling (and the HIPAA piece of that puzzle).

With a narrative style, we’ll help you tell your story in an easy-to-understand, educational, emotional, and even motivational way. And because we turn videos around quickly and thrive on flexibility, we’ll get the videos in your hands and help get you planning your next video project.


Who doesn’t love HIPAA? While the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act does some really great things (we all need our info protected), it can also create some potholes for healthcare marketers in the road to getting your message out. We get it. And while we at Idea Decanter don’t want to take an exam on HIPAA’s nuances, we are well versed in creating compliant marketing for you.