Client Training Videos

You’ve got some great tech tools in place for your clients, so why is nobody using them? Clients need an easy way to learn, but you can’t spend your time hand holding. Let the Idea Factory videos do it for you.


How it Works

Q: What’s the best way to learn to do something?
A: Watch someone else do it.

Q: What’s the most cost-effective way to train someone?
A: Create a video you can use again and again.


That’s just what we’ve done for you.

The Idea Factory series has tackled the most common client tech problems and created customizable how-to videos. There are 9 videos in the Factory suite and we’ll just keep adding to it. Become a member and your front-line team may just burst into tears of gratitude. Instead of answering those same questions over and over and over, you can share a video that shows your clients how to do it themselves. What will your clients think? Well, we’ve crafted these tutorials with them in mind because we’re RJ clients too.

Subscribe to Idea Factory and you’ll get to choose 6 custom-branded videos each year from the Factory video suite. We also give you ready-made SEO rich copy and suggested tags for YouTube and your website. You’ll also get a custom thumbnail to use with the video.


Idea Factory Video Suite


How to Use Client Access

How to Set Up e-Delivery

How to Start Using the Vault.
How to Aggregate Accounts
How to Use the Goal Plan
How to Make a Mobile Check Deposit
How to Find Your Tax Documents

How to Use eMoney

How to Use e-Signature
What's New in Client Access
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Have a video idea that’s not included in the suite? Send it our way!


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Annual Idea Factory Subscription

Our annual membership plan costs $3,000 – that’s $500 a video.

Once you enroll, all we need is your branding material and your pick of 6 videos and we’ll start customizing them for you. Soon, when clients ask, “How do I do that?”... you can say, “I have a video for that!”

Decide you have all the videos you need? You can cancel at any time. The videos are your’s to keep.

6 videos per year, delivered all at once, ready for you to use!

  • Your custom branding

  • Video of your firm's homepage included in “How to Start Using Client Access”

  • Post copy & keywords for YouTube & your website

  • Custom Thumbnail for YouTube

Cost: $3,000 ($500 per video)


Need Help Using Your Videos?

You are great at helping people achieve their dreams and realize their goals. But you may not have the time or the expertise to build out a video marketing process that puts your investment in video to work.

We’ve got your back. We have a personalized Launch Plan program to help you take your video suite and use it in multiple ways. It starts with a fact-finding call and from there we build a customized report and deliver it to you. We’ll walk you through the best ways your firm can put your videos to use this year, and for years to come. Imagine that, a system for video marketing built just for you.


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