Breathing new life
into marketing video

We uniquely combine deep experience in commercial photography with a brand journalism approach to storytelling. 

Founded in 2014, Idea Decanter is inspired by the wine-based idea of decanting -- breathing new life into marketing with video. We uniquely combine deep experience in commercial photography with a brand journalism approach to storytelling.  We call it authentic. Not in the handcrafted, bespoke sort of Pacific Northwest way. Authentic as in we’re coaxing your story out of you. So the videos we help you create aren’t sort of like you would say it. They are exactly how you would say it. 

We believe in this narrative approach as much as we believe in creating videos with the short-attention spanned viewer in mind. Videos that are well lit, easy-to-understand, informational, inspiring, motivational, and emotional.
There’s magic in marrying narrative with images – sprinkling in motion graphics and laying in a music bed. 

You can connect with the click of a mouse.

At the end of the job, we want you so happy that you’re telling your friends about us. Because that’s how we’ve grown to what we are today. Well, that, and some creative video content marketing.