Idea Kit Tips


Making your video is one thing. Using it is another! Here are so quick tips to make you look like a video marketing pro. And, of course, these were all shot with Idea Kit!

Tip #1: Use a mic! Laura shows you how to hide the cord and how to avoid a big mistake people make when it comes to audio.

Tip #3: Want to look comfortable on camera — even if you’re not? Laura shares her favorite news reporter delivery secrets so you’ll look and feel like a pro.

Tip #5: Can you talk and read at the same time? Here are some pro tips on using the teleprompter feature in Idea Kit.

Tip #7: You’ve got to cater to those short attention spans. So be quick, be clear and get your message across.

Tip #2: What’s that behind you?!? Sharon shows you how to frame up your shot and how to make sure you look your best.

Tip #4: Using the ring light is easy! We have some pro-tips to make it look more professional.

And less like a Youtube makeup tutorial.

Tips #6: Lighting with glasses can be tricky. Here are some tips for using the Idea Kit equipment for all the smart, glasses wearing people in the room.

Tip #8: Don't let messy, office clutter ruin your shot. Keep the audience focused on your message and keep it clean, sleek and professional.