How it Works

Take the “Y” out of DIY with remote video on a budget.

Forget time zones or travel costs. With the ease of booking a conference call, you can schedule a video shoot. We use custom video technology to direct, record, and produce HD video of you remotely.

Your office + our tech = Video marketing magic.


Idea Kit in Action


Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. We get it! We produced the videos below using all the technology and equipment you’ll be using on your video shoot.

Social Pro Videos: These 1-3 minute videos get spiced up with graphics, stock images, and B-roll (that's cover video) to keep your audience hanging on your every word. Captions included!

Social Short Videos: Get your message across in 60-seconds or less. We’ll get add your branding so you can get your message to the masses. Captions optional.


Idea Kit Tips


Making your video is one thing. Using it is another! Here are so quick tips to make you look like a video marketing pro. And, of course, these were all shot with Idea Kit!

Tip #1: Use a mic! Laura shows you how to hide the cord and how to avoid a big mistake people make when it comes to audio.

Tip #2: What’s that behind you?!? Sharon shows you how to frame up your shot and how to make sure you look your best.



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