Random Acts of Kit

Nominate a charity for a free video

Join us in making a difference for a charity that’s close to your heart. Nominate your favorite charity and give it a chance to win a free video. Whether the charity needs a general appeal, an “About Us”, an event-specific video … we’re ready to do the work creating it. For free!

Our Random Acts of Kit campaign is designed to give back and help give a boost to those who are already doing good. Let’s make a video!

Ready to Nominate a charity you love?

  • The charity must be local for you

  • It needs to be a charity you are already supporting

  • To nominate the charity, just fill out the form below

We’re accepting nominations through August 15th. The winner will be announced at the beginning of September.

Last Year's Winner

Last year’s Random Acts of KIT recipient is an amazing team of athletes who epitomize camaraderie, joy, and confidence. Congratulations to Niskayuna Rowing out of the great state of New York! Nisky (as they’re affectionately known) is a non-profit organization that supports and enhances the rowing programs it administers; promotes education, recreation, and health; and fosters athletic development within a competitive environment for junior and adult rowers. Open to all Nisky students in grades 7-12, Nisky Rowing offers year-round training for middle school and high school rowing teams and Learn-To-Row classes for children and adults in the summer.

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